A Course in Miracles: What is a Miracle?

ACIM-What is a miracle-YouTube.png

ACIM describes a miracle as:

“…genuinely interpersonal, resulting in “true closeness to others.”

In terms of a miracle, we tend to think of them directly being by the hand of God however, ACIM shows us that miracles are used by Spirit to create experiences in which human to human connection is made and the gift is bestowed through this contact. 

Miracles are action-based. 

When we ask for a miracle, the gift is delivered in a divine timing…which could be faster or slower than our consciousness is able to comprehend. And it may last longer than just the finite moment it’s delivered. 

That said, if we are not paying attention, we could miss it! 

But what does it all this mean?

There are many times were we pray for something specific. Or so we think. What we get in return causes pain, shame, regret or even disgust toward another person. 

We assume that because this does not feel good, it has nothing to do with your prayers or that we’ve done something wrong in the eyes of God. However, IT is the miracle. 

That suffering, no matter how painful, causes us to wake up and take action on things we may have been avoiding for quite some time! Ever lose a loved one to a deadly disease and start pondering your mortality…your health…your secret indulgences? 

How about getting into a fender bender and all of a sudden you become a safety expert? 

These experiences cut our learning curves significantly by providing a very powerful lesson…or wake up call, if you need one…in an area we may have been previously numb!

I recently went through a break up that showed me how numb I’d gotten and how much of my authentic self was not expressed during that time due to programs we both had running in our minds.

Miracles have the unique property of substituting “for learning that might have taken thousands of years.” 

Consider how many illusions you have bought into about reality…when in a flash, those illusions are dissolved and you see so clearly you feel like nothing will ever be the same! This part of the miracle “puts you in communion with yourself and God.”

Operating at this state of being helps us to be more present in our receiving of miracles in all shapes and sizes, knowing that we already have everything we need. 

Without patience to understand the lesson and a willingness to forgive quickly, we’ll miss out on the miracles coming at and through us from every angle. That said, it’s imperative that we do the inner work daily to always be in a state of readiness to receive. ❤