Ambassador for Goodness
Ambassador for Goodness
Intuitive life strategies for soul-centered success

HOlistic Wellness

Emotional eating, motivation to work out, and even a dreary, dull sex life all play a role in how your body responds to stress and potential illness. If you are in a rut with your food, fitness, and feminine expression, this is the program for you. 

 Organic Grapefruit with Raw Honey, Walnuts, and Fresh Mint

Organic Grapefruit with Raw Honey, Walnuts, and Fresh Mint

Holistic Nutrition

There is no one-size-fits-all program when it comes to clean eating and optimal nutrition. Your best path for optimal nutrition will be as unique as you are and as nourishing to your current time in life, seasonality, and energy levels as needed. 

We'll review your past and current eating habits, your health and wellness goals, your lifestyle and time constraints, as well as your beliefs around food to create a strategy for your optimal nutritional success.

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Procrastination, fear and even self doubt all play a role in the healthy...or non-healthy...choices you make each day. Your stress patterns and emotional responses are working unconsciously to determine how you show up in life.

We'll uncover your toughest obstacles, get to the root cause of your current habits and choices, and develop a path to optimal living that conquers anything life hands you. 

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 Your body reflects your actions, thoughts, and habits

Your body reflects your actions, thoughts, and habits

 It's time to shine your light!

It's time to shine your light!

unapologetic authenticity

When I conquered obesity, chronic illness, and depression without meds, the KEY to my success was learning to speak up for myself TO myself and others. I had to take back my power and learn how to feel good in my own skin without asking for permission to grow. 

In 13 years of coaching, I find most women are really hiding from their true power. Instead of speaking when it's acceptable, we must learn to speak when it's necessary. 

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heart-centered entrepreneurship coaching

You're a unicorn...a goddess...a warrior...and you want to change the world. But where to start? Imagine if your life purpose could actually make you money and help you life the life you truly desire. This program will walk you through the process of uncovering your life purpose, creating your ideal client, becoming the CEO of your own life, and master the art of working from home with power and grace.


Self awareness and your eq

Do you know how to best serve the world? Do you feel like running your own business would help you express your most authentic and creative self? Discovering your passions, drivers, and visions for legacy are essential to better understanding how to create the business you can thrive in. 

We'll dig deep into your WHY, uncover your power to serve, and create a foundation for authentically sharing your gifts with your clients. Scroll down to set up your FREE Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Discovery Session!

From woo-woo to wealth

Most heart-centered entrepreneurs repel money like the plague because they fear that money is the root of all evil and corruption in the world. We'll help you overcome and dispel your money beliefs, discuss how your business can both thrive AND do great things in the world BY making more profit, and develop a strategy for spiritual wealth that affords you an amazing life of whatever you choose.

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work where you want, when you want

Entrepreneurship is not easy but it can be a lot of fun if you create it to be! Think about it...we live in a world where businesses can be run from home, a fancy hotel room, or a laptop on a sandy beach. How cool is that? 

We'll go through the process of structuring your time, managing your schedule, and focusing on high-impact tasks to help you create success in your business. You'll learn to overcome distractions and procrastination like a horse swatting away a pesky little fly. SWOOSH. 

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90 minute workshops

Stress Management

We'll discuss how stress impacts overall health and wellbeing. We'll review essential tools and strategies for developing a daily mindfulness practice to decrease stress, boost energy and create a blissful state of mind.

the power of phytonutrients

This course will review the power of colors in the diet to support detoxification, cleansing, and optimal health. We'll go over the different nutrients that each color of fruit and veggie posses and how they correspond to specific bodily functions.

Holistic Health 101

This workshop covers the basics of the holistic approach to optimal health. Emotional triggers, local and seasonal eating, stress management, mindfulness practices, exercise and the correlations between them all will demonstrate how each of us can begin to dial in our success in achieving a higher level of optimal health.