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Alpha Zen Training

Do you wonder what life would be like if you stopped getting in your own way?

Do you imagine a life where you have both inner peace and courage enough to live life on YOUR terms?

Do you dream of a life much different than what you currently live but are unsure of how to get there?

The answers to these questions and more will be answered in Alpha Zen Training!

Until you understand HOW your mind works, your life is determined by a system of unconscious choices. These are programs written before you are born and anchored in as you grow up.

Over time, you become addicted to these programs on a cellular level and stuck in a never-ending loop of repeating patterns…

That is, until you can FIND the pattern and break it with conscious, consistent choice.

The human mind has one job: to make reality of the current programs and system of beliefs.

The soul has one job: to transcend the limits of the human mind and learn through the breakthrough.

You’re constantly at odds with yourself, hence the reason it’s SO hard to change what IS.

There’s hope and a very powerful SOUL-ution…

Alpha Zen Training will show you how to use the human mind TO your advantage as a TOOL for growth rather than for stagnation.

Students will learn:

-How to use the mind as a navigation device for manifesting reality

-How to get clear on lessons in times of adversity to end suffering and bring healing

-How to consciously create the right conditions to “speed up” manifestations

-How to use a Hell Yes/Hell No approach to life that will end anxiety and overwhelm

-How to create a better sense of joy and well-being in daily life

Are you ready to take ownership of your life’s creation?

Are you ready to say YES to living your best life?

Join us for this One Day course and RECLAIM your power!

*Our event takes place in North Orange County, California. Exact location will be announced May 20th to registrants only.*

Registration Fee: $150

Earlier Event: June 1
Guided Morning Meditation