The manifesto

I believe that the world can only change when WE are at our best because, hey, we have to BE the change we wish to see in the world, right? 

In 14 years of coaching, I have found many great leaders all have ONE thing in common- they are masters at walking their talk. That means, they are not afraid of taking their own advice and you shouldn't be either. **wink, wink** I have created a thriving practice on the belief that my clients can only be great if I TOO am willing to do the inner work, hold myself accountable, and choose each and every day to be better than I was the day before. 

This fuels all of my coaching sessions and my clients are more inspired to take action when they see me doing the work too!

That said, Ambassador for Goodness was founded on the following principles:

1- Communication is not just dialogue, but heart-centered listening. When we stop listening to make sense of their words and start listening to really hear their deepest desires, we give them space to fully express their authentic selves.

2- Emotional healing comes not just from getting to the root cause, but from changing the habits that stem from it. We can spend a lifetime attempting to clear limiting beliefs with pure logic and reason but until we change our actions, habits and thoughts around them, nothing in life will change. 

3- True potential comes from inspired action, not just empty intentions. You can say you want something but until you take action...and a leap of faith...the universe won't know you're ready. 

4- To truly know a person, we must see past their exterior facade and look deep into their soul (if you have not tried soul gazing yet, I HIGHLY recommend it!). We all talk in Ego often, rarely in unapologetic authenticity. Instead of talking to someone's faults, limits, and lacking self confidence, speak to their truth: the infinite self PLAYING the role of this limited, human persona.

5- Loving another individual does NOT mean you are obligated to become a martyr. In fact, the highest form of love comes from compassion and allowing, not pity and pandering.

6- Great leaders breed great leaders. In order to inspire, coach, mentor, and parent, we must be brutally honest with ourselves in how we are showing up in life as well as what we can do to calibrate our habits, thoughts and actions to greatness. 

7- The buck ALWAYS stops here. Extreme ownership for our reality is the only way to free ourselves from victim consciousness and create the life we truly love.

8- Optimal health is not just about food or fitness but a lifestyle that supports healing of emotions, creating proactive habits, fostering better relationships, and developing a regular mindfulness practice. Only when we can truly be grounded in our authenticity can we know how powerful we really are. 

I believe that every one has the power to create a life they love. Whether you choose to work with me or another amazing coach, I encourage you to have an open heart, and willing mind, and a strong desire to create change in your life. No matter what path you take, your level of success will be determined by your choices, not the amount of books you read or gurus you follow. 

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