Hello! I'm so glad you're here :) I can't wait to hear more about you!

My name is Alida McDaniel and I'm the Founder of Ambassador for goodness.

Here's my health journey...

In 1999, I had a moment of clarity that would change everything for me. I went in to see a doctor for fainting spells that left me unconscious for an unknown length of time and random symptoms such as scratchy throat and ears. Instead of addressing my issues, he promptly wrote me a prescription for Prozac saying "What's going on in your life that's not quite right for you? Let's get you started with Prozac and we may need to up the dose as your body adapts but this will help you feel better and help alleviate the symptoms."

Um, excuse me?!?! I don't think so. 

This was the THIRD doctor who tried to give me Prozac over the course of a 7 year span so I knew something had to change.  Just weeks prior to this wake up call I had become fully aware that I was an addict...a FOOD addict...and I had no control when it came to making good choices. I was ruled by emotions: the worse my emotions, the more extreme my eating. I made every excuse to eat junk-

"I always eat dessert first so I don't have to save room..."

"Oh, there's a coupon for buy one get one free pizza? I need to use it!"

"It's payday and I have cash now! Time to celebrate with this pint of ice cream and 2L bottle of ginger ale to wash it down."

"I've got a late night of studying ahead. This package of cookies, full sized bag of chips, and 2L of soda will help me stay awake."

And after almost 20 years of dealing with this rationalization, I knew I'd be in for a HUGE undertaking to reset my entire life! 

The reset

I took ownership for my life, realizing that my choices were influenced by emotions based on fear, self doubt, and past trauma. The reset forced me to accept how I'd I began culinary school to learn how to make the foods I was addicted to healthy for me, learning about nutrition and fitness, and experimenting with food elimination diets to better understand my overall health.