To get the most out of your experience in Alpha Zen Training, we’ve written up some nuggets to support you. Should you need to return to this page at a later date, set a bookmark to this page for your convenience.


The workshop will give you MANY things to think about and consider. Be sure to come with an open mind and heart! You can do this by choosing to leave all old beliefs at home about the way things “should be” to make room for the way things “can be.” Be child-like in your approach to this journey and you’ll have a much more graceful experience.


You’ll want to take notes. Like LEGIT notes. Not like you are back in school though. There won’t be any pop quizzes so you can leave that anxiety at home ;) Instead, be prepared to take note of epiphanies and AH-HA moments! When you have a thought that just CLICKS, you’ll want to have a journal and pen to write it down.


If you have registered before May 20th, exact location for this event will be sent to you ON May 20th. If registering on or after May 20th, location will be sent to you in your confirmation message. Please arrive between 8:30-8:50am to get checked in and settled. Bring a refillable water bottle and snacks for breaks should you need to eat between meals. Lunch break will happen around 12:30pm for one hour so you’ll have time to integrate and prepare for the second half.