Congratulations on your MSFOC Ambassador Graduation!

To help you get the most from what you've learned along the way, here are some helpful hints to guide you through ;) 

Review your notes

With 3 months of coaching calls, habit changes and stepping up your workouts, you have learned A LOT! Be sure you review your notes from these learnings every couple of days for the next few weeks and weekly for the following three months to really anchor in these new patterns. 

This process of review will keep you focused when life tries to ping you back into the old habits!

Consistency is king

Although you are no longer required to sign up for workouts to be held accountable or being accountable to weekly coaching calls, do not let that stop you from scheduling your workouts each week and setting aside time for personal reflection each week. 

To really be sure your hard work will create lasting results, stay accountable to the flow you've been in for the last three months in honor of this transformation. Make time for meal prep, follow through on the changes you've made in mindset and relationships. Have weekly check in's with yourself to stay on track. 

Plug in

The Ambassador Facebook group will always be there for you to plug into. When you need additional support, need recipe ideas, or just a bit of inspiration, check in to the group and see what's new. 

Strength always comes in numbers and as you have now seen, the group is a powerful foundation for your future success!